DigiChain v1.3.0

DigiChain is a web app made to make the creation of sample chains as easy as possible for use on the Digitakt (and any other sampler that can slice up samples).


While originally created as a tool to help make evenly spaced sample chains to use on the Elektron Digitakt’s slice grid machine introduced in the 1.5 firmware update, DigiChain has grown to incorporate other features, many of which were suggested by the good folks over on the Elektronauts forum.


  • Import .wav/.syx audio files and converts them to the chosen audio context (e.g. 48k/16bit, 44.1k/24bit etc) – if the chosen context is mono, stereo samples can be processed as the Left, Right, or a Sum of both channels to mono when exporting, the playback preview of the sample will reflect this choice. In a stereo context, mono files stay as mono (unless the sample has been resampled in this context). The audio context can be changed, but sample rate changes require the list to be discarded.
  • Batch conversion – importing multiple files, or dropping folders containing files into the list and using the Download All button will output a zip file with the dropped folder structure reflected, but the contained samples will be output in the chosen audio context.
  • Master pitch selection allows all exports to be pitched up 1, 2, or 3 octaves – so save precious sample memory space on limited storage devices such as the Digitakt/Model:Samples, or simply to get longer sample lengths loaded into memory by pitching them back down on the device.
  • Using the Slice Grid option allows you to create sample chains of the files selected in the list, download with the joined button to get all the files joined together into file(s), each with up to the slice grid amounts number of samples in each file.
  • The joined spaced button will pad each sample in the chain to the length of the longest per group of files being joined, so if you choose 16 on the slice grid, you will get 16 per file, with each file padded to that length.
  • Holding the Shift key while clicking the joined buttons will add the chain files to the top of the samples list instead of outputting inside a zip file.
  • Use the per sample edit panel; to make basic edits to the samples in the list, normalize, trim silence from the end, reverse, half the playback speed, or double the playback speed – all sample edit operations are destructive! If you want to keep the original audio intact, create a duplicate with the sample duplicate icon.
  • Use the per sample slice tool to split files into slices, use the even grid options or the transient detection.
  • If you drop a .ot file in along with a sample, the slice grid will read this to slice up files prepared in the Octatrack AED, so you quickly convert Octatrack sample chains for use on the Digitakt.
  • Split loops into slices, then sort by slice# to quickly create “megabreak” sample chains.
  • Use the 120 slices grid option to create chains perfect for the Model:Samples or Analog Rytm.
  • Get off-grid by Ctrl+Clicking on the slice grid values to set your own numbers.
  • Shift+G to enter the grid view – good for those who don’t like tables (same key combo to toggle back to the list).
  • Drop URL links to .wav files to be fetched directly to the list (only works with sites that are open to Cross Origin Resource sharing – a great example is https://citizen-dj.labs.loc.gov/ ).
  • Works offline and can be installed as a desktop/mobile app on most operating systems from the browser (install as app / add to home screen).
  • All processing is done on your device, and no data is sent anywhere – open source on GitHub under the GPLv3 license.
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Elektron Digitone Bass Samples / Sysex

I made a few patches on my Digitone along with some samples of the patches to use for those who don’t have the hardware that can be used in any DAW or sampler hardware/software that works with wav files.

Head on over to my new Gumroad to grab them -> https://gumroad.com/l/gYcIt

All samples are free to use – except for in, or as part of another sample pack.

All sounds made from scratch on an Elektron Digitone.

There are two versions, 32 mono samples in the mono folder, 32 stereo samples in the stereo folder, both are 44.1khz 16bit rendered. And a Digitone sysex file with 6 patches in it.

Mono are good for the Polyend Tracker, Elektron Digitakt/Model:Samples; Stereo for Octatrack, or the DAW.

Hopefully they are useful!



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB9ReBsUBFA – these patches being used.

Pocket Operations Album

An album of my Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-33 jams is up on BandCamp and all the usual streaming services.







Making some music

I’ve always been interested in music, and have on and off played guitar, keyboard, and various other instruments over the years – just never particularly well or long enough to release anything. This year, I decided that I would try to actually make some music I would listen to (and hopefully others!), so I picked up a PreSonus StudioOne upgrade to Pro from the “Artist” version that came free with my external sound card (an AudioBox 96).

My first tune, though not great – isn’t too bad:

My second tune is all based on a running joke at work and was a little more upbeat and lo-fi (mostly due to the quality of the vocal samples I used).

So far, I’m having fun making this stuff – even if nobody listens; and it’s quite the stress reliever after a busy day of programming!