Back Tick Replaced by Double Quote UK Keyboard Mapping for Windows

Why do keyboards not have a ” assigned to a key that doesn’t need to be pressed with a modifier?? As a developer, I use the key often, but there isn’t an obvious key to remove as such.

What this keyboard mapping will do, is make the Back Tick ` key the ” instead.

The functionality of the Back Tick key is pushed down the keyboard modifier chain, so the three characters are not lost, but do require some finger contortion skills, however, its far less stress on the fingers not having to Shift+2 any more!

New Key Layout

Modifier(s) Result
+ Shift `
+ Ctrl + Alt ¬
+ Alt Gr + Shift ¦


  • Clone the GitHub repo and run the setup.exe in the bin folder
  • Go to Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsRegion and Language
  • Keyboards and Languages Tab
  • Click Change Keyboards…
  • Choose English (United Kingdom) – United Kingdom – Double Quote on Back Tick from the list or Add this from the Add button screen and select if its not already in the list.


The source file is included and can be opened and edited in the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4.


This is based on a standard UK Keyboard layout, so works best with a UK keyboard 🙂

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