Macaw Missing Tool Icons

Over the past month, I have been trialling Macaw to very quickly mock-up some site and web app designs – its a great tool and helps to greatly reduce the amount of Photoshop slicing I need to do.

I have however noticed that on two of my Windows machines, the tool icons just didn’t appear to be being drawn at all!

After a chat with the fantastic customer support, my issue is now resolved – it turns out that Inkscape has messed about with the content type for .svg files in the registry.

To get the icons rendering as expected, open Regedit.exe and go to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.svg] – in the right hand pane, double click on the ‘Content Type’ key and change the value to ‘image/svg+xml’.

Launch Macaw and the icons appear in all their splendour!

Many thanks to Danny Kleinman from the Macaw support team for this tip 🙂

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