Your mother has told you you’ve been sick your whole life

Thud! “Uh! What was that!?” I slowly opened my eyes, the light from the window made it hard to see. “What time is it?.. 11:15am!”, my mother wakes me at 7:30 every morning. “Shit! I’ve missed my first round of meds, and the second are due at noon. Where’s my mother?”. I dragged my legs over the edge of the bed and slid into my wheel chair, the pill box hasn’t been filled either, and I can’t reach the meds cupboard, its up too high for me to get to from my chair. “Mom!.. MOM!” nothing, no reply. Well, gotta pee – lets hope she’s back before the hallucinations kick in, I’ve not been this long without my meds since I was about 7.

Thud! Thud! THUD! “Who’s there? Just a minute!” It’s probably my mum, must have left her keys – hopefully she has the meds all sorted. Flush the toilet, quick squirt of the hand sanitizer and head to the door. Odd, my mothers coat and handbag are still in the hallway. Damn, the latch on the door at the top is too high, I don’t remember the last time I answered the door by myself.

“Just a minute, the latch is on the door, and I’m in a wheelchair.”.

“Mr Brown?” called a deep voice from the other side, the silhouette of a large man and a thinner person next to him was just visible through the frosted glass. “Yes.. who are you? And who’s your friend?” my voice cracked slightly, I’m not used to being alone. “Mr Brown, I’m special detective Porter – with me is Dr White, she’s a counsellor, of sorts – can we come in, we need to discuss your situation.”. My situation? “What are you talking about, do you know where my mother is? And the door latch, it’s too high to…” Huh.. the latch is unlatched, I’m sure it was locked tight a moment ago. I opened the door and let them in, they scooched past me and headed for the living room.

“Mr Brown” her voice was soothing, almost apologetic just saying my name. “Mr Brown, we have taken your mother into custody, unfortunately, she had been taking prohibited, untested experimental medications from the lab at her work. These drugs are very dangerous, and we need to..” Detective Porter interrupted, “We need to locate and secure this medication as soon as possible, you need to come with us Mr Brown.” “I’m not sure how much help I can be, and why would my mother steal medication? All my meds are prescription, I’ve seen the labels on the bottles. I can’t believe my mother would.” “Wait! It’s YOU, that has been taking the medications!?” the doctor went several shades whiter, Porter looked to her, sirens in his eyes. Into his lapel, he shouted a series of seemingly random words, within seconds, the room filled with armed officers. I laughed, a little in terror. “I’m a cripple in a wheel chair!” Where could I go, I reached down to my wheels, but no, no need for wheels – I was feeling strong, my mind clear, for the first time in what felt like forever.

“Mr Brown? Mr Brown – you need to come with us, calmly and quietly now.” Porter’s voice was the one that cracked slightly this time, he was scared. He signalled for the armed officers to move forward, then a buzzing sound began, turned into a sawing whining whir, all went red – then the room exploded crimson, warm, wet, blood; the entire block, levelled. My chair gone, my home gone all my house guests gone, sirens wailed in the distance, what did my mother do to me? What did I do to those people? For those answers, I needed to get to my mother.

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